886 - Parisians fought bravely

The people of Paris showed great bravery and courage in the defense of their home. In April they managed to pay Siegfred`s army to leave and the month after Charles the fat arrived with a big army. Siegfred returned, but Charles the fat was to scared to enter a "final match". The citizens of Paris were very bitter because Charles the fat payed 700 lbs silver to lift the siege, he even promised them a safe winter camp in Burgundy.

Alfred the great
London was recaptured from the Danes. Alfred the Great renamed it Lundenburgh. Slightly upstream from London Bridge he build a small harbor called Queenhythe.
Control over London was handed to Earl Aethelred who married Alfred's daughter Ethelfleda.
Bedford became a border town separating Wessex and the Danelaw.

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