804 - King Godfred prepared for war

The Frankish attacked the Saxons
Saxon resistance against Charlemagne, was crushed merciless. The solution was mass deportations. The whole Saxon peasant population of 10,000 families which lived north of the Elbe were deported to the Rhine river area and their empty homeland was taken over by the Obrotrites , a Slavic tribe allied with the Franks.

Charlemagne himself, overlooked the whole operation in Hollenstedt, at the river Elbe.

Obrotrites mass invaded from their homelands in Mecklenburg into the now empty area of Wagria.

These atrocities made the Danish king Godfred to assemble a Viking cavalry force  and navy near Sliesthorp(Now Schleswig). South of the river Elbe.

Godfred had also reinforced Dannevirke, by building Kovirke. Frankish annals told that Godfred was king in Jutland,Vestfold and Scania.

Charlemagne build a huge military camp and Charlemagne made a demand to the Danes: deliver all Saxon refugees. This demand was firmly denied by Godfred.

Godfred sent his Royal emissaries to negotiate with Charlemagne but the dispute was not solved.  The Frankish chronicler mentioned Hedeby as Sliesthorp/Silaswick.
Frankish warrior with throwing axe early 9th century