879 - The word viking "wicenga" first appeared in an English chronicle

Thor Hammers jewels

Guthrum`s slain viking army left Wessex and retreated back to East Anglia, Where Guthrum followed the example of Halfdan and gave land to his vikings. Guthrum, Oscytel and Anwynd went to East Anglia and settled themselves.
The word viking wicenga first appeared in an English chronicle it
 is a rare appearance Dane or heathen were used by Christians writers to describe vikings , which is a term that really became popular in 19th century.
A viking fleet under the leadership of Gudrød Haraldsson landed in July 879  between Calais and Boulogne, sailed north to Ghent and established a winter camp. A Viking fleet surrounded and attacked Orleans
Helge(Oleg) became the new ruler of Kiev, he ruled until the year 913. He wanted conquest, First he captured Gnezdovo, in the upper reaches of the river Dniepr, not far from modern Smolensk.
Simris rune stone : Bjarnger raised this stone after his brother Ravem, soldier serving Gunnulf in Sweden
"Heathens from Dublin" attacked Armagh from a base at Carling ford. The abbot of Armagh was captured and held for ransom.
A viking camp was build at Strangford Lough(county Down)