880 Vikings army assembled at Ghent

Dragon ship head
The viking leader Roric died, but his Friesland area continued to be the main base for viking raids in West Europe. The viking forces in Friesland received large reinforcements from England where a lot of Halfdan and Gudrums vikings could not stand the peaceful peasant life. A large army assembled at Ghent. Xmas raids began.
December 23: Lobbes and St Vaast was burned by Vikings.December 25: Arras was invaded by Vikings.December 28: Vikings seized Cambrai.
February 2: Vikings sailed up the Elbe. Bruno Count of Saxony died  fighting with them near Ebstorf Lower Saxony. The Danes, who settled in an island at the mouth of the river.
Hamburg was destroyed again this time by Slav & Danish warriors
Helge captured Ljubeč, , and finally Kiev. The  Nestor’s chronicle tells that Helge used a trick to gain control of Kiev. He pretended to be a trader and when Hoskuld and Dyre) came to view the goods, Helge’s warriors came out of hiding and overwhelmed them.  Kiev soon became the new capital.