970 - The triumph of Gold Harald was short

Harald Greycloak`s brutal regime had created him a lot enemies. His unwillingness to accept the Danish kings right to rule over Viken, had made Harald Bluetooth hostile to his foster son. 
The son of the killed earl Sigurd, Haakon had fled to Denmark and convinced Harald Bluetooth to give the Norwegian throne to the son of Knud Dane-ast called Gold Harald.
Kaupang existed until about the year 930. Then, the trade and craft activities have been reduced, to completely disappear around the year 970
Harald Greycloak was lured into Jutland and in the Limfjord, his ships was attacked by Gold Harald and Harald Greycloak was killed in the attack. The triumph of Gold Harald was short, he had the same destiny as his victim. Haakon had convinced Harald Bluetooth to perform another betrayal and Haakon then killed Gold Harald and sailed to Norway with a large fleet, as ordered by the danish king : To conquer Norway, the task was easy, without further resistance the Norwegian population bowed down to the power of the Danish king.

The viking Styrbjorn the strong raided the Danish coastal areas, to stop these attacks Harald Bluetooth supported his claim to the Swedish throne.
Eric the Victorious became the first king of Sweden after his rival Styrbjorn the strong lost the battle of Fyrisvellir to king Eric the victorious.
Runes tell us that Skagul (Skagul meaning battle) Toste led a Viking army to England and demanded the English to pay the very first Danegeld, the runestone of Orkesta, near Stockholm says: "But Ulf has taken three Danegelds in England. The first one was with Toste, the second one with Thorkel and the third one with Cnut the Great".
Skagul Toste's great-grandson Stenkil became the King of Sweden in 1060.

Sigtuna, in Sweden was founded.
Sigtuna portrait made of Elk