969 - Danes prepared

Queen Thyra inspecting Dannevirke
Karlegat, Dannevirke picture from 1913
Danewall/Dannevirke was reinforced to prevent a German invasion.
Conquest of Bulgaria by Sviatoslav I of Kiev, a ruler that was trained by a Varangian named Asmud.
Olaf I of Norway was born.
Harald Greycloak of Norway died.
Ívar returned to Limerick and re-established his supremacy, he killed Beolan Littill and his son, and re-established his rule on the larger islands of the Shannon river. The king in Osraige was killed and the church in Emly was plundered.
Another viking named Ivar established a small Viking realm in Waterford.
Gudrød Haraldsson ruled Norse settlements on Anglesey.
Dannevirke model at Karlegat
Map of Dannevirke without the eastern wall