812 - The two danish kings

Danish civil war: Anulo versus Sigfred - After Hemmings death a civil war started in Denmark. 
Hemming did and in a game of thrones, King Godfreds brothers son Sigfred and Anulo(brothers son of a former king Harald) was fighting a battle to win the throne, but both of them died in the bloody battle where 10940 people died according to Frankish annals. Anulo won the battle, but died in the battle, the new rulers became the two brothers of Anulo: Harald Klak and Reginfred shared the Danish throne.

Danes sailed up the Shannon and pillaged the Irish town Limerick, burned the monastery of Mungret but the Irish tribes fought back, they attacked and killed many of the raiders, so the raiders retreated.

Vikings looted the Irish west coast and raided in Mayo, Connaught and Cork harbor, as well as in the south at Killarney.