841 - Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Quentovic was plundered

At Fontenay, the sons of Louis the pious clashed in a bloody battle, where the core of the Frankish military power was destroyed. The Frankish empire was now vulnerable and ready for some serious looting. All coastal areas from the Elbe to Garonne was plundered. Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Quentovic was plundered and burned. A frightening fear had found it place to the western European population, and nowhere when the vikings arrived they met any serious resistance.
At St-Wandrille 26 Lbs silver was paid for the release of 68 captives and also 6 lbs were paid for the monastery
Lothar called for help from his Danish vassal in Rustringen, the former Danish King Harald Klak who was given the important island Walcheren with the start of Schelde and orders to defend the coast.

Ealdorman Herebyrth was killed by vikings at the Romney marsh and raiding in Lindsey,Kent and East Anglia.Aethelwulf of Wessex attacked the vikings at Carhampton, but was defeated.
Norwegian vikings began a winter raid on England and London and Rochester was attacked.
Dublin, Ireland was founded by Norwegian vikings as a viking stronghold. And settlements and a fort were also existing at Linn Duchaill Lough Neagh(County Antrim/Armagh/Derry/Tyrone) and Linns near Annagasson (Louth)