844 - Vikings attacked Spain

A viking fleet of 70-80 ships plundered up the Garonne river and attacked Toulouse and then sailed to Spain and attacked the Asturians and Gijón, on the coast of Asturias, was the first place they made landfall and they later attacked Muslim provinces in Spain.
On the 31 July they were defeated by the christian Asturians in the province of Galicia near Oviedo, they moved on to attack La Coruna, but was defeated and lost 60-70 ships but their luck turned and outside the coast of Lisbon viking axes and Arab sword battled for the first time in history. Lisbon was sacked on the 20th August 844 and Seville was sacked 3rd October 844, Cadiz, Medina, Sidonia, Niebla, Beja and Algarve was also plundered. This was written in Annales Bertiniani, one of whose authors was the Spanish Prudencio, the Bishop of Troyes and also written in the Crónica Albedense.
King Raedwulf of Northumbria was killed by vikings.
Toulouse was attacked by vikings.
Dorestad was raided by the Vikings.
The trollstone also known as the magic stone, and is placed at Sjellebro Kro. It only bears a trollmask and no runes. It was placed by a ford, and should scare evil forces away from the ford.
The Annales Bertiniani,tells us that the Breton duke Nominoe was in war with vikings.
Turgesius raided holy places in Ireland.
Vikings build camp at Lough Ree(County Longford/Roscommon/Westmeath)