845 - Vikings attacked Hamburg and Paris

Northern Germany
King Horik attacked Hamburg with 600 ships. Ansgar had to run quickly out of the burning town, where church, monastery and library was destroyed. Horik later released all Christian prisoners and returned some of the stolen goods.

Bishop Gautbert was chased out of the Swedish town Birka, by an angry heathen mob, who did not appreciate his preaching of the Christian faith.

A group of vikings returned from Spain to the Loire river in march 845. And on the 28th march chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok sailed up the Loire and hung 111 prisoners then attacked Paris, which Castle Cite was conquered, Charles the bald had to pay 7000 pounds of silver in a huge Danegeld to sail away. Ragnar Lothbrok got his name from animal skin trousers he wore while fighting a poison-breathing serpent (the Lindorm). Ragnar had many sons, including Ivar the Boneless, Halfdan White-shirt, Björn Iron-sides, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye.
Bordeaux was attacked in autumn.
Count Kobbo of Sachen, a visitor to king Horiks court, wrote that Reginarius(Ragnar Lothbrok) visited Horik and bragged about his raids and showed the gold he had received from Charles the bald.Ragnar Lothbrok had received a disease when he was in the foreign lands, and he died 3 days later. King Horik then killed all the surviving members of Ragnar Lothbrok`s raiding expeditions.
Ragnar Lothbrok and the 2 females in his life

Ansgar mentioned that Ragnar Lothbrok had received Turholt monastery as a gift from Charles the bald. Horik promised the Franks that the raids would stop, but Frisia was attacked the year after.

Ireland, Annals of Ulster : King Malachai from Meath Ui Naill managed to capture viking chieftain Turgesius(Turgeis, Tuirgeis, Turges, and Thorgest), and had the viking king of Dublin drowned in Loch Owel.

Forannan, the abbot of Armagh, was captured in Munster.
Vikings won a victory at Dunamase.
Vikings founded a camp at Cluain Andobair (Co Offaly) and at Limerick.
a small group of Vikings was left behind stranded on Menor Island, they converted to Islam and settled on the island as dairy and cheese makers. The aided the local emir with advice about shipbuilding and that they served as oarsmen when the emir built a fleet to defend Seville and Córdoba against future Viking attacks.