854 - King Horik was killed

C.Deleuran Horik 2 (Erik Barn) king of Denmark 854
Rorik and Godfrid Haraldsson was some of king Horik`s relatives, they returned from a viking raid in Friesland, their intention was to throw Horik of the throne, and under the violent battles - King Horik and most of the Danish royal family was killed. Rorik and Godfrid were defeated an fled to Friesland.
The Earl of Hedeby banned Church bell ringing
Earl Howi took action against the church in Hedeby, he chased the Christian priest away and stopped all church activity. The new young king Horik 2(Erik barn) would like to maintain the good relationship with Ansgar and earl Howi was therefore sacked and the church was reopened and could also ring the church bells. Horik 2 showed more goodwill so a church was built in Ribe.
Ribe loot 800 AD
The Viking chieftain Ubbe set up a base camp at Milford Haven with 23 ships. A new overwintering camp was set up on the Isle of Sheppey,  Kent
Vikings sacked Blois but were repulsed at Chartres and Orleans by  an army led by bishop Agius.
Lothar and Charles the Bald agreed to take measures to secure the coasts against viking raids-

Viking raider
Muslims captured 2 viking ships at the coast outside Portugal.
Welsh Annals recorded that Vikings were referred to as Y Llu Du attacked Môn.