859 - Vikings attacked Spain & burned the mosques of Sevilla and Algeciras

Claus Deleuran: Bjorn Ironside and Hastein

A 3 year long viking raid began. Hastein and Bjorn Ironside led 62 dragon ships south to explore the Mediterranean area. They were first driven off from the west coast of Spain by the local Asturians and later suffered a minor defeat against Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba at Niebla.
Claus Deleuran: Vikings looting
But then a long series of successful raids happened first: Lisbon, Portugal and then they went through the Straits of Gibraltar sacking Algeciras and burnt down the great mosque in the town and plundered the surrounding countryside. Algeciras became the fleet’s base, and ships sailed over to Morocco, hunting for thralls. Their target was the Princedom of Nakur, a town several kilometres from the coast, near today’s Al-Mazimma. The Vikings terrorised the inhabitants for several days and took Prince Said ibn Idris and numerous women and children prisoner, to be released later in return for ransom money.  In Spain they hit Sevilla where the mosques were burned. Malaga, Cartagena, Barcelona and the Balearic islands was  also raided. Hastein and Bjorn Ironside made a winter camp at Camargue island and raided French towns and monasteries up and down the Rhone valley.
Chronicle of Alfonso 3 mentions "Danish pirates made a long sea journey, sailed between Spain and the up the Rhone river. They plundered som civitetes and monasteries"
Cerball mac Dunlainge, The King of Osraige was in an alliance with the viking leaders Imar(Ivar) and Amlaib Conung(Olaf) they raided king Máel Sechnaill's territory the kingdom of Meath, but soon afterwards Cerball began to negotiate peace with Máel Sechnaill.

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