862 - Rus were asked to rule

Roric was back in Frisia and was sending new viking hordes into Western France. He probably dropped his plans for control of the Eider area.
Prudence of Troyes stopped writing on Annales Bertiniani.
In March Weland was trapped at Trilbardou Bridge and he submitted to king Charles the Bald. He and his family was forced to baptize at the court of Charles the bald. Robert the Strong, mar-grave of Neustria, captured 12 Viking ships and killed their crews. He coughed up a tribute (Danegeld) for keeping the Vikings out. Most of them were mistaken for the Bretons, who had Salomon as their leader. These Danes were joined by those who had plundered in Spain
The Swedish viking chieftain Rurik and his 2 brothers Sineus(Sven) Truvor(Thorvald) were asked by the Slavic people to found an empire around Novgorod called Gardarige, his kin ruled until 1598, they were known as Rus.
In Sweden an area is called Roslagen and in Finnish Sweden is named Ruotsi and in Estonian Roosti and Chinese Rui-Dian.The trading town Kiev where a fortress on top of a area of high ground was build. Kiev took over from Novgorod as the Rus-Vikings’ capital in 862. Kiev gradually became the most important town

Cerball mac Dunlainge was reported to have defeated a Norwegian fleet under command of Rodolb, it is not clear that this is the same Rodolb whom he defeated in 855
Viking camp was build at Dunrally(County Laois)

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