875 Halvdan gave land to his vikings.

Hálvdan, son of Ragnarr Lothbrok attacked up north through Yorkshire raiding the Strathclyde Welsh and the Picts of Galloway. At the Battle of Dollar the Vikings won. They controlled Alba and then occupied Caithness, Sutherlandshire, Ross, and Moray, far to the North. They also attacked Deira
Halvdan decided to share his land, and gave land to his vikings. It was a new era in English history. The swift viking raids was changed for a colonial policy with permanent settlements.
The arrival of the Vikings in Cambridge was recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Vikings, led by Halfdan Ragnarsson, invaded Dublin and Eystein Olafsson, King of Dublin, was killed
Harald Fairhair gained control over Orkney and Shetland and added them to his kingdom

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