893 - Internal power struggle Orkney

After Guttorm died, Hallad became the new earl, but he abdicated after he could not defend the islands against Danish Vikings, and Orkney was then ruled by  Hallads younger brother, Turf-Einar from 895-905. He had the task of subduing the Viking raiders based in the Orkneys.
The Danish vikings began an offensive in Scotland in which "the flower of the Pict nobility was destroyed". Thereafter, Halfdan broke away from the Great Danish Army to attack eastern Scotland.
Wales & England
The Danes, led by a man named Haesten, marched up beside the Thames, crossed over and ravaged the Severn Valley. Welshmen from Gwent and Glynwysing, as well as some of Anarawd's men from Gwynedd, cooperated with Alfred the Great to battle and defeat the raiders at Buttingtune on the Severn shore.