896 - France suffered

The last of Hastein`s viking army  dispersed into East Anglia, Northumbria and the Seine area.
Vikings have been wintering at Quatford , but in the spring they attacked the Southern Wales kingdoms of Brycheiniog, Gwent, and the Gwynllg region of Glywyssing.
Asser recorded that Elisedd of Brycheiniog requested help from Alfred the great, but another reason for this may also be due to pressure from Anarawd ap Rhodri, the powerful king of Gwynedd and Deheubarth who is keen on expanding his areas of control. Dyfed's Hyfaidd ap Bledrig may be another southern Welsh king who, during his lifetime, similarly appeals to Alfred for aid and support to ward off Anarawd.
The viking army in England was finally dissolved and the viking raids halted. Most of the vikings sailed to France, and in France a large army was assembled and Count
Odo of Paris and Charles the simple did not have the strength for a serious defense and the Franks suffered again from viking raids.

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