912 Rus defeated Muslim fleet

Hague-Dick, Normandy
The treaty of St-Clair-sur-Epte
Duke Rollo was baptized by the archbishop of Rouen, most of his men was also baptized and Rollo shared his land to his warrior and gave his Duchy laws from Danish practice. Normandy became one of Frances most prosperous provinces, and Rollo was a loyal vassal to the French king. Christianity became more and more widespread among the vikings, all though a lot of the baptized vikings later resented to the more tolerant paganism.

Helge and his Rus vikings carried their ships from near Volgograd, the rivers Don to Volga and 500 ships with Viking raiders arrived in the Caspian Sea where Rus defeated a fleet created by the local ruler Ali ibn al-Haitam. The vikings sailed back to Itil, and shared loot with the Khazars as agreed.
Egil Skallagrimsson killed in a furious rage a boy that bullied him.Smashing him on the head with an axe while they were playing and it was said he could compose poems by the age of  3.