917 - Battle of Tempsford

Battle of Tempsford

A group of Danish vikings moved from Huntingdon to Tempsford where they build a defensive structure, they tried to loot Bedford, but were stopped by an Anglo-Saxon army led by the King Edward the Elder, which had attacked the Danish vikings in East Anglia and south-eastern Mercia in a counterattack.
Tempsford was stormed and the Danish king
King Guthrum
Guthrum was killed, and also the two noble earls Toglos and Manna died, the survivors were captured. Danes were also defeated when the avenging
Sigtryg 2 conquered Dublin
Mercians under the command of Aethelflaed stormed Derby and Leicester. And Danes located in East Anglia and Mercia were defeated at Wiggingamere.

Sigtryg 2 led a group of Vikings and recaptured Dublin.