1008 - Olav Haraldsson raided Saaremaa Island

Animalhead from Headpole the Oseberg grave
In 1008, Æthelred the Unready created a new fleet of warships, organized on a larger scale, but was weakened when one of his captains rebelled and became a viking.
Olav "the fat" Haraldsson
The 13 year old Olav "the fat " Haraldsson, landed on Saaremaa,
Estonia, and won a battle and forced the losers to pay tribute.
Olav then sailed to the southern coast of Finland greedy for more plunder, but he was ambushed and it resulted in the Battle of Herdaler where Olav and his men were eventually ambushed in the woods. Olav lost many warriors but made it back to his longship. Olav Haraldsson later became known as the holy and became king of Norway.
Olof Skötkonung the king of Sweden, was baptized by Saint Sigfrid.
Galicia, Spain
Viking raids in Spain. Count Menendez died on October the 6th during a battle with vikings,  in an area between the rivers Mino and Duero, it was the area around Braga that was pillaged and when vikings sailed up the Mino river and set the town Tui on fire they captured the bishop Don Alfonso and all the church people that they could catch.  It is beleieved that it was the Norwegian Olav the holy who was the leader of this viking raid in Galicia.

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