1010 The second Vinland expedition

Battle of Ringmere
Thorkil the tall plundered in England a final clash happened at the battle of Ringmere, East Anglia which Sigvat Tordssøn wrote about in "Vikingeviser".
Peasant revolt
North America
A Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsevni "Þorfinnr "Karlsefni" Þórðarson" attempted to found a settlement in North America, this is the approximate date.

Thorfinn Karlsevni
Thorfinn Karlsevni was an Icelander, who had the chieftain Thord as a great Grandfather, who was a descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok in the fifth generation. He equipped a ship with 40 people to go on a trading expedition to Greenland. In the winter time Thorfinn had to help Eric the red with provisions, to celebrate a decent yule. And here Eric the red spoke about Vinland, his son Leif "the happy" Eriksson had been there.
Thordal the hunter
In the spring Thorfinn decided to sail to Vinland and Leif gave him permission to borrow his houses. With 60 men and 5 women and cattle they sailed west, with the intention to settle the land, another ship led by a heathen hunter named Thordal joined them.
They first came to Helleland,
on an island outside Markland they killed a bear and named it Bear Island, they sailed further and at a place where the coast was intended they saw the rest of a ship.

Later they released a male and  a female thrall, which were ordered to run south to search the land, after 3 days the Scottish thralls came back with a wheat ear and a bunch of grapes. They sailed further and came to an island with a heavy stream, they named the island Stream island, there were so many eiders on that island, that people could hardly put their feet down with out stepping on eggs, inside the island there were a ford, where they settled they named it Stream ford. The whole winter they had plenty of fish.
Thorfinn disallowed the sale of Iron items to natives
Natives shooting at the Vinland colonists

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