1011 - Thorkil the tall was bribed by Æthelred the unready

King Æthelred the unready paid Thorkil the tall a Danegeld on 48000 lbs silver, and Thorkil the tall with 45 ships entered the service of the English king. Before that a monk had betrayed Canterbury, and let vikings enter the town. Canterbury was plundered and Ælfheah, Archbishop of Canterbury was taken prisoner. The Danegeld paid in 1009, was only securing peace in a short period.
Lànse aux meadows, Canada
The next summer the Vinland settlers lacked food, but Thordal hunter found a whale, which they ate, but Thorfinn found out that Thordal had made a heathen blessing on the meat, Thorfinn ordered that the whale meat to be thrown back into the sea. Thordal the hunter decided to leave and he sailed up north with his own ship and 9 other people.Thorfinn sailed further south, and came to a river full of fish and an area full of game. They stayed there for a while and one day they met some strangers sailing in skin boats, they named them skrælling, which meant little man dressed in fur.

Axe testing
Thorfinn Karlsenvi attempted to found a settlement in North America. But war with the natives made them sail back to Greenland.
Leaving North America