940 - Harald Bluetooth inherited the throne

King Edmund of Wessex took five boroughs from Olaf in Danish Mercia.
Grave Jelling
Harald bluetooth inherited the throne from Gorm the old, in his fathers last years he probably already had his own earldom. His mother Tyre died a couple of years before, which was written on the Jelling rune stone, which Gorm the old build on his queens burial ground in Jelling, Here she was called tanmaurkar but(Danes gift) and it is the first time the name Denmark was written on Danish soil.
Thorgejr Ljosvetningagodi Althingi lawspeaker(985-1001) was born

Front ´The big Jelling stone sides

The little Jelling Stone 2 sides
Silver cup found at the tomb of Tyre

The big Jelling runestone

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