945 - Harald Bluetooth sailed to Normandy

To secure the young Richards heritage and power in Normandy, Harald Bluetooth established a Danish fleet and sailed to Normandy and in Bayeux he met the French king where a fight broke out and the French king ran away to Rouen, where the citizens captured him. King Harald Bluetooth made the Normans applaud Richard and he fortified towns and castles, and demanded that the Danish laws Rollo installed was obeyed and the he then sailed home to Denmark. The Normans released king Louis but they denounced the vassalage to him and instead they chose Hugh of Paris as their as tenant-in-tail. Duke Richard later married Count Hugh of Paris`daughter Emma and after the dead of Hugh of Paris he became protector of his son, Hugo Capet, who later became French king.
A Viking hall
Eric the victorious was born.
After Igor died Svyatoslav became the ruler of Kiev. A warrior named Sveneld had become very wealthy after it was presumed that he had been the commander of the Raid on Barda.