954 - Eric Bloodaxe killed in ambush at

Eric Bloodaxe was expelled from York and he was killed in an ambush. According to English sources, Eric died a death on the road, “treacherously killed by Earl Maccus”. But Scandinavian sources tell another tale:  Eric met his enemies as the leader of an outnumbered army and there on the high, wind-scoured pass, he died the glorious death. A poem paid for by his wife told that Eric arrivied at Valhalla, welcomed by Valkyries, to feast by Odin’s side.
Erik Rex - Bloodaxe coin
Eric Bloodaxe was the son of Harald Fairhair and the Danish royal daughter Ragnhild and he succeeded his father on the Norwegian throne, but because of his cruel and atrocious rule he was driven out of Norway and his younger brother Haakon chosen as king of Norway.
After the murder on Eric Bloodaxe, Northumbria was again brought back to Edred the Anglo-Saxon king and England was united.

The widow of Eric Bloodaxe, Gunhild sailed to Denmark with her sons. They received a warm welcome from her brother the king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth who even made one of Gundhilds sons, Harald Greycloak his adopted son.
Lewisham Chessmen from Orkney
Arnkel and Erlend were the earls of Orkney.