955 - The Battle of Rastarkalv

The sons of Gundhild and Eric Blood axe raised an army in Vendsyssel and sailed with a Danish fleet to Norway. At Rastarkalv in North Møre the ursurpators were defeated by their uncle Haakon the good.

The army of King Haakon the Good Versus the sons of Eric Bloodaxe . After their father's was killed in an ambush, Harald Greycloak and Gamle Eriksson were allied against King Haakon with King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark. Haakon the good had set up a warning system with cairns that would be lighted to mark of incoming ships. Therefore, the king was alerted by messengers at Nordmøre from Stadlandet.  He placed 10 ten standards far apart along a low ridge, Haakon gave the impression that his army was larger than it actually was. Haakon managed to trick Harald Greycloak and Gamle Eriksson into believing they were outnumbered. The Danes fled but when they came to the beach, they discovered that their ships had been pushed out to the sea. Haakon gained the victory and the Danish forces were slaughtered by Haakon's army.

Egil Ullserk, who was Haakon the good's commander, died during the battle. Gamle Eriksson, one of the sons of Eric Bloodaxe, and commander of the rebel army also died in the conflict.

Haakon buried Egil Ullserk in a ship together with the people who had died in the battle

The second and final period of Viking raids ends. An estimated total of about 43 raids are recorded during the entire Viking period in Ireland.