960 - Harald Bluetooth was baptized

According to the Saxon historian Widukind the monk Poppo convinced Harald Bluetooth of the strength of Christianity by caring glowing hot iron in his hands and not having a single flesh wound after.
Harald Bluetooth coin found at Raahede, Ribe

The king was baptized and demanded Christianity installed in Denmark. Regardless of the reliability of Widukind`s story, king Harald Bluetooth`s conversion probably was caused of political reasons. United with the Christian church he could strengthen his royal power and secure the independence of the Danish kingdom against the German emperors which best excuse was the spread of Christianity and conversion of the heathens, they wanted to enforce Christianity by fire and sword and subdue heathens and tax them and put them under the emperors scepter. Harald Bluetooth showed a lot of signs that he took the new religion serious.

Poppo carrying hot iron, Copper altar from the church of Tandrup
The runes he made over his parents burial ground claimed that he united Denmark and conquered Norway and christened the Danes. Harald Bluetooth wisely did not use violence and force to convert people to Christianity, but had patience and let time work for his cause. A lot of heathen ceremonies was changed to christian ceremonies. Christianity grew together with the old faith. Thor was mirrored in Hvide Krist.
Harald Bluetooth had a son Sweyn Forkbeard
Thralls at Hedeby market
A Spanish-Arab trader Ak Tortushi described Hedeby as a large and poor town. There was only a small christian minority in Hedeby the rest worshiped Sirius. The women had the right to divorce when they wanted and a lot of newborn children was thrown into the sea to save expenses. The citizens mainly lived of fish and their singing was according to the Arab like dog barking. His story was like the typical tourist story with exaggeration.
Roskilde was mentioned by Adam of Bremen, the name comes from horse or the male name Roar.
Richard I, Duke of Normandy married Emma of Paris.
Eric the red was expelled from Norway for a murder. He sailed to Iceland.
Scottish attempted to recapture Caithness but they were defeated.