962 Battle of Bauds

Harald Bluetooth sent a force to help his Norman relatives, a large fleet unloaded at the Seine river to help duke Richard against Tetbold a rival neighbor, and in Augusy at a battle at Ermenonville Harald Bluetooth & Richard won. 640 Franks died, Tetbold fled and his son was killed and Chartres burned down.

Tetbold flees


Indulf, Kingdom of Alba 954–962
At an area known as the Bauds, south of Findochty and West of Cullen near Portknockie, Scotland A battle occurred between Scotland under king Indulf, and viking raiders. The Vikings had been raiding Scotland, and had won skirmishes against the Scots, including the Battle of Dollar. The vikings lost and afterwards, Viking raids in Scotland ended. The Chronicon Scotorum reported that the king, Indulf was killed in the battle.

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