963 Sviatoslav was victorious

Vikings in Eastern Europe
Snorri "Gode" Thorgrímsson was born
The father of Olaf Tryggvason was lured into a trap and killed. Tryggve Olafson was killed, because Harald Greycloak saw him as a rival. Shortly after his dead his wife gave birth to Olaf Tryggvason.
21 year old heathen Sviatoslav(Sveinald Ingvarsson) regent of Kiev, began a 2-year campaign he employed Oghuz and Pecheneg mercenaries to aid and he defeated the Khazars and he also successfully attacked the Bulgars on the Volga River.
The monastery at Towyn was raided by Vikings. Aberffraw in Anglesea, the royal seat of the kings of Gwynedd, was also attacked.

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