966 - Peace treaty signed

Richard of Normandy called for Danish assistance for a campaign in northern France but at a gathering in Gisors-sur-epte a peace treaty was signed by Richard of Normandy and the French king Lothar.

Viking ships came to the Biscay area. After having lost the opportunity for a proper fight in Northern France, the greedy vikings sailed south and commanding them was a leader nick named "The sea king" Gunderedo(Gudrød)  began with an attack on Iria, slightly south of Santiago de Compostela. The local governors were scared that the apostle Jacob’s grave in Santiago might be plundered, and following this attack they started constructing a line of defensive works along the coast. Outside both Lisbon and Silves the fleet came into conflict with Muslim warships, and two ships were lost.
The area around Lisbon was raided by 28 ships and stopped at Alcácer do Sal, south of Lisbon, in June 966 and vikings established a base until 972.
Gunderedo’s warriors pillaged the great shrine of Santiago de Compostela and killed the bishop in battle and the Danes looted the countryside for 3 years before sailing home.