968 Ivar of Limerick was driven out of Ireland

Dannevirke map by Vilhelm La Cour-,photo of the wall near Rheider Au
Harald Blueetooth decided that Dannevirke needed to be strengthened.
Æthelred the Unready, the later King of England was born.
After a defeat at battle of Sulcoit, Ivar of Limerick was driven out of Ireland by King Mathgamhain of Munster. Ivar's response was to sail west to Wales to try and carve a new kingdom there.
Viking Mediterranean raids
Bishop Sisnando Menéndez of Compostela was killed by vikings, in battle on 29th March 968 at Fornelos, south-east of Santiago de Compostela. Sisenand was struck by an arrow and died, and the Galicians were put to flight & the monastery of Curtis was sacked, and precautions were taken for the defense of the town of Lugo.
Drakkar - Viking ship
Ivar and his Limerick vikings were apparently defeated by "the king of Britain" and driven out of Wales.
According to Primary Chronicle, the Pechenegs began the Siege of Kiev.