980 - Vikings raided England again

The Viking ring castle Trelleborg was build in Denmark.
Viking incursions began in England again. Widespread viking raids from Ireland and Man in England until 990.
The Battle of Tara between Southern Uí Néill and the Kingdom of Dublin ended with a devastating defeat for the Kingdom of Dublin.The loser Óláf  Kvaran Sigtryggsson abdicated and died on Iona. Dublin was besieged by Máel Sechnaill, who forced Dublin to free all Irish thralls and deliver valuable goods, as well as give up all claims to Uí Néill held territory.
Barden or Jernbarden (‘The Iron Beard’), Earl Erik’s ship, was built between 980 and 990, collided Ormen Lange during the battle of Svolder.
The reign of Vladimir I(Saint Vladimir)(958-1015) the first Christian duke of Kiev. He made orthodox Christianity the official religion of the Russian people.
Eric the victorious became king of Sweden until 995. Olof Skötkonung, king of Sweden was born.
Gofraid mac Arailt entered an alliance with king Cystennin ab Iago of Gwynedd to support Cystennin against Hywel ab Ieuaf, who was attempting to capture the Gwynedd throne for himself. The combined Welsh-Danish force devastated Anglesey and continued pillaging until Hywel's troops confronted them in the Battle of Hirbarth,Gwaith where Cysteinn was killed.