982 Harald Bluetooth fled

The viking ring castles of Harald bluetooth
The Christian, Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark invaded Norway, plundering in south-west Norway all the way up to Stade where he encountered the Norwegian Haakon Sigurdsson`s army,  Harald Bluetooth lost and fled back to Denmark an canceled the invasion.
Eric the red was expelled from Iceland for murder, according to the sagas, the thralls of Eric killed caused an avalanche on the neighbors of Eric. The neighbor then killed Eric's thralls. Eric then killed the neighbor and also a man called Holmgange-Ravn, whom the dead neighbors family had hired to kill Eric the red.
He was judged as an outlaw, and sailed west to settle Greenland.
Gotfrid Haraldsson launched a campaign into Southern Wales, raiding Dyved and looting the Church of St. David at Menevia. Gotfrid Haraldsson met the Welsh in battle at the Battle of Llanwannawc or Llangweithenauc.