982 Harald Bluetooth fled

The viking ring castles of Harald bluetooth
The Christian, Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark invaded Norway, plundering in south-west Norway all the way up to Stade where he encountered the Norwegian Haakon Sigurdsson`s army,  Harald Bluetooth lost and fled back to Denmark an canceled the invasion.
Eric the red was expelled for 3 years from Iceland for murder of Eyiolf , according to the sagas, the thralls of Eric killed caused an avalanche on the neighbors of Eric. Eyiolf a friend of the neighbor Valthjof then killed Eric's thralls. Eric then killed Eyiolf and also a man called Holmgange-Ravn, whom the neighbors family had hired to kill Eric the red.
He was judged as an outlaw, and sailed west to settle Greenland.
Gotfrid Haraldsson launched a campaign into Southern Wales, raiding Dyved and looting the Church of St. David at Menevia. Gotfrid Haraldsson met the Welsh in battle at the Battle of Llanwannawc or Llangweithenauc.