983 - Eric the Red began the settlement of Greenland.

Rumors about Emperor Otto 2 defeat to the Saracens in Italy reached Denmark so the son of Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard threw the Germans out of Southern Schleswig. He conquered Otto 2`s castle and killed all the soldiers and burned the castle to ashes. A lot of the battles took place in the Hedeby area, and the rune stones of the fallen warriors witness this. It might be possible that it led to the destruction of Hedeby because all the trade was moved to Sliestorp(Schleswig). The campaign did not stop with the conquest of the lost land, united with the support from Harald Bluetooths brother-in-law Mistiwoi, a local leader of the Obrotrites allied with Sweyn Forkbeard conquered Holstein and burned Hamburg.

Erik the red Thorvaldsson (950-1007) settled Greenland
Eric the Red began the settlement of Greenland. Several settlers from Iceland and Norway arrived and later founded the two settlements Oesterbygd and Vesterbygd. 3 years were used to explore the area in the Southern part of Greenland, he used a marketing trick and named the area Greenland, to describe the mild climate and grass field. And in Iceland where all the best pastures were already taken there was not a lack of adventurers looking to settle new land.Hundreds of Vikings boarded their long ships with domestic animals and sailed west to Greenland. 25 ships sailed, but only 14 arrived the year was 986, it was not possible to brew beer or bake bread, because the summer was to short. But there was plenty of game and fish, and cattle and pigs, sheep and goats were present. Maybe up to 3000 people lived in Greenland and they later got a bishop in Gardar. Greenland was first explored by Gunnbjorn in the period 900-930.
Church of Hvalsø