989 Rus vikings entrapped

Vikings fight Saracens.
The Varangian army, led by emperor Basileios himself, landed at Khrysopolis to suppress General Bardas Phokas who was leading the rebellion. Bardas died of a stroke or heart attack on the battlefield, in full view of his troops and the bystanders

Captured Rus vikings
The Emir Maymun who had hired the Rus vikings as mercenary soldiers refused the demand of a local Muslim imam to hand over the Rus' Viking mercenaries to the imam for either forced conversion to Islam or death penalty. In the turmoil and harsh struggle, Maymun was driven out from the town and forced to surrender the Rus' Vikings to the Muslims, but Maymun came back to attempt free them in 992.
Jernkne was killed by one of his own thralls , Sigtrygg Silkbeard became King of Dublin.

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