995 - Olaf Tryggvason became king of Norway

Norway Norwegian peasants rebelled against the Earl Haakon Sigurdsson.
Olaf Tryggvason sailed his ships to Norway, and after Earl Haakon was killed he became king and build Norway`s first church and he started to mint coin.  Olav Tryggvasson returned from England with priests he forced The heathen Norwegians to become christian.

He also forced the people on Faroe islands to become Christian. The Faroe chieftain Sigmund Bresteson was forced to become his vassal and he was as harsh as Olav with enforcing christianity.
Eric the victorious, King of Sweden died and Olof Skotkonung became the first king of both the Swedes and the Goths, he ruled until 1022.
North England
Aldhun, Bishop of Lindisfarne, moved his episcopal see from Chester-le-Street to Durham in England, to which the remains of Saint Cuthbert were translated
Sweyn Forkbeard raided "Mannaw," which probably was Anglesey. He also started to mint his own coins.