1018 - The king of Denmark died

King Cnut the great by the sea


King Harald 2 died childless, his brother Cnut the great became the new king. Cnut minted coins in Viborg. Harthacnut was born.
A meeting in Oxford between Danes and English took place. Peace was secured.

Battle of Cannae : The Byzantines lead by Basil Boioannes vs Lombards under Melus of Bari.The Lombards had  hired Gilbert Buatère and his Norman cavalry mercenaries.
Basil Boioannes had a detachment of elite Varangian Guards.
Basil Boioannes won and Gilbert Buatère was slain and the Lombard rebels defeated.
The Duke of Poland, defeated Yaroslav the Wise in the Battle of the River Bug. Yaroslav had to retreat to Novgorod,  and abandon Kiev.

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