1024 - Thorkil the tall died

Thorkil the tall was killed by peasants and was succeeded by Wulfsige Sparklingson who had married with Canutes half-sister Estrid. The new rulers was given the mission to educate Cnut and Emma's son Harthacnut, they also took initiative to settle new land.
A castle was build at Hamburg, so that the Saxons could control a vital trade post, Adam of Bremen lied when he wrote that it was build in 1061 by Ordulf but it was his father Duke, Bernhard II (1011-1059)  who did it 37 years before in 1024
King Magnus was born in April/June.
Thorfinn the mighty became earl of Orkney he ruled until 1065.
An early crusade was led by, Roger of Toeni, a Norman knight, he left the battlefields of the Ebro Valley and went back to Normandy.
The Kievan Rus' leader named Chrysocheir assembled 800 men and sailed to Byzans, to perform a quick raid into the Aegean Sea but was defeated by the Byzantines at the Battle of Lemnos.

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