1026 - Cnut the great was a bad loser

Indoor life at a Royal Danish Viking Court
Zealand and Scania was suddenly attacked by a large Norwegian/Swedish fleet, both Norway and Sweden had watched Cnut the great grow powerful.
Olav the holy`s atrocious and cruel rule in Norway made him fear a rebellion and that it would receive Danish support. Olav the holy convinced the Swedish king Anund Jacob to a united attack against Denmark. The plundered areas was soon revenged and Cnut the great and his men were only saved from being slaughtered by the Swedes by his own steward Ulf at the Battle of the Helgeå(Holy river), East Scania. After the battle, Cnut subjugated the core provinces of Sweden around Lake Mälaren where he had his own coins minted in Sigtuna.

Back in Roskilde Cnut the great got into an argument over a game of chess with his own governor Ulf, Canute the great demanded to change a move, but Ulf stood up and then hit the chessboard so all the pieces fell off, and then he left the room Canute said "Are you fleeing now Ulf ?", Ulf replied "Cnut, what about your fleeing at Helgeaa where I had to save you, while the Swedes were beating your men." The next morning Canute the great ordered his servant to kill Ulf, but he came and said that he was in church, so instead Canute the great ordered his warrior the Norwegian Ivar White to slaughter Ulf Spraklingson inside Trefoldighedskirken and on Canute the greats order Ivar White used his sword to kill Ulf Spraklingson.
 An army from Ulster raided the area within Dublin.
A Spaniard named Matilde and her daughter Gocina, were released from a ship where they were the prisoners of the vikings, A man named Octicio paid the ransom.

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