1028 Cnut the great conquered Norway

Cnut the Great at a Norwegian beach
Towards the end of 1028 William the conqueror was born as a bastard son of Arlette, daughter of a local artisan and Duke Robert.
Cnut landed with 1400 ships at Lista, Norway and where ever he came people recognized his as king. Olav the holy could only gather a small army, which was a hopeless effort against Cnut`s mighty army. Olav the holy had to flee from his kingdom and Cnut installed his sister Gyda and Earl Erik`s son Haakon Ericsson as his vassal in Norway.
Skjeggen (The Beard) a ship that belonged to Olav the holy was captured by rebels.
Viking were back in Galicia, this time the vikings leader was Galizu Ulf(The Galician wolf).
In the Knytlinga saga we can read this "His fathers name was Ulf and was a count of Denmark and a great warrior and found great loot in Galicia, that gave him the nickname."

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