1042 - Harthacnut died

The tombstone of Harthacnut
Coin with Harthacnut(1018-1042
Harthacnut died of a heart attack on the 8th June, after drinking large amounts of alcohol at a wedding. His throne was given to his half brother, Edward - this was the end of Danish rule in England.

Edward the confessor became king of England. Harthacnut had proclaimed him as his heir.
North-west England
Thorfinn the mighty raided North-west England with a coalition of Scottish,Irish and viking forces.

The Norwegian king Magnus the good sailed a fleet to Denmark where he was proclaimed king of Denmark. Sweyn Estridson, son of Canute the greats sister Estrid arrived with a fleet from England and was crowned king in Viborg, Denmark but he was defeated after a battle between him and Magnus.
Magnus the good killed the Obrotrite leader (Knejs) Ratibor in a battle and also burned down the mercenary viking camp Jomsborg.
Harald Hardrada returned home to Norway, he had been a leader of the Varangian guard and left Byzans because of his participation in George Maniaces' rebellion.
Sigtrygg Silkbeard died in exile , probably aged over 70. He had been ruling Dublin for 47 years, longer than any other ruler before.
The Normans in Southern Italy moved their main base to Melfi.