1043 Battle of Lyrskov hede

Magnus the Good with the axe "Hel"
A large Wendic army crossed the Eider and plundered Southern Jutland. King Magnus the good landed a Danish/Norwegian army at Hedeby and on Saint Mikhaels day the 28th September attacked the Wends at Lyrskov hede where the Wends was crushed in a bloody battle. Before that Magnus the good had also destroyed Jomsborg, because the mercenary soldiers would not recognize him as their king.
Kaupmmannahafn(Copenhagen) was mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas
On the 3rd of April Edward the Confessor was crowned King of England at Winchester Cathedral.

Rus-Byzantine war
A Rus fleet was destroyed by Byzantines in the last attack on Constantinople. Survivors attempted to return home overland but was captured or killed at Varna. The raid was started by Yaroslav I of Kiev and led by his eldest son, Vladimir of Novgorod
The two brothers from Normandy, William Iron Arm and Drogo de Hauteville, grabbed the power in Apulia.

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