1047 Sweyn Estridsson was proclaimed king of Denmark

Sweyn II Estridsson 1019-1074
King Magnus the good died 25 October in a riding accident, and at Viborg thing, Sweyn II Estridsson was proclaimed king of Denmark.
Harald Hardrada inherited the kingdom of Norway and took the dead body of his uncle Magnus back to Nidaros, Trondhiem.An old story told that Magnus testamented the throne to Sweyn Estridsson.
August 10: Battle of Val-ès-Dunes: William the conqueror, Duke of Normandy, with help from King Henry I of France, reestablished control of his Duchy by defeating a group of rebel Norman barons at Caen.
Vikings fought vs Crescono,Bishop of Santiago de Compostela until 1066.

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