1050 - Hedeby burned down to the ground

Viking Woman statue
Harald Hardrada plundered Skaane and coastal areas of Denmark and he reached the eastern coast of Jutland, attacked Aarhus and he burned Hedeby down to the ground. In the following years, Sweyn Estridsson began building an earthwork parallel to the Connecting Work at Danewall.

560 Coins were found at Haagerup, Fyn in 1943 by Kaj Arne Frederiksen they were probably dug down and hidden so Harald Hardrada and his Norwegian looters could not get the treasure.

Swedish vikings attacked Finland.

A bishop was accepted in Orkney.

Anund Jacob, ruler since 1022 died and his brother Edmund the Old became the new king of Sweden, he ruled until 1060. Sweyn Estridsson married Anund Jacobs wife, Gunhild, he got a huge dowry, and was now a wealthy man.