1053 - Sweyn Estridson was forced to divorce

Painting made by Lorentz Frølich
The ambitious archbishop of Hamburg/Bremen Adalbert was announced as papal delegate and the right to elect a bishop in Scandinavia.This was a defeat for Sweyn Estridsons church policy which wanted to start a Danish Archbishopric. Also in his private life Sweyn crashed with Adalbert, who demanded that Svein should divorce his wife Gunhild, because they were to closely related to receive the blessings of the church. Sweyn answered with a furious rage that he would plunder and burn down Hamburg, but he had to accept it because pope Leo 9 supported Adalbert.
Viking woman
Cross of Gunhild made of Walrus tooth an inscription tells who it belonged to

Gunhild was widow of Anund Jakob and the half cousin of Svend. Gunhild might had pushed for the divorce herself, as Svein was known to have many affairs. Sweyn Estridson celebrated Easter in Merseburg as a guest of the German emperor Heinrich 3.
On the 15 April Godwin, the earl of Wessex died suddenly, after collapsing during a royal banquet at Winchester.
Edward the confessor ordered the assassination of Welsh prince Rhys ap Rhydderch in reprisal for an attack on England, and Rhys's head was delivered the King.

June 18 :At the Battle of Civitella del Fortore 3,000 Norman knights under command of Humphrey of Hauteville won a battle against a coalition of the Pope Leo 9 and the Holy Roman Emperor.