1054 Normans defeated the French at Battle of Mortemer

Normandy One French army commanded by Odo, brother to the king Henry I of France, came from France along with troops led by Rainald, Count of Cleremont and Guy, Count of Ponthieu. The army entered Evreux and began looting.

While Duke William the bastard was busy with king Henry I of France to the west of the Seine River, a force of Norman barons led by Robert, Count of Eu, Hugh of Gournay, Walter Giffard, Roger of Mortemer, and William de Warenne came out of their own lands to stop the French looters.

The French force was widely scattered and was an easy target for the Norman forces of Robert, Count of Eu. The battle of Mortemer lasted for hours, but the French were defeatedt with heavy losses. Guy, Count of Ponthieu was taken as a prisoner during the the battle.When news of the defeat got to the French King he decided to withdraw.

Map of Duchy of Normandy
After the defeats of 1052-1054 the rebellious Norman lords were exiled, the lands of the Counts of Pointhieu were confiscated, and Guy, Count of Ponthieu became a vassal to William the Bastard after two years in a dungeon.
Normans at sea

William de Warenne was later rewarded with lands confiscated from his uncle, Roger of Mortemer,(whom broke a treaty with William the bastard) including the Castle of Mortimer and surrounding lands.William the bastard had a second son named Richard after his uncle.

February 20 – Yaroslav the Wise, prince of  the Kievan Rus and a descendant of Rus vikings died.