1060 - Harald Hardrada started to plunder Denmark again.

Harald Hardrada started to plunder Denmark  again. Denmark was split into 8 clerical units:
Vendsyssel with Thy, Odense ,Viborg, Roskilde, Ribe, Aarhus, Lund and Dalby.
Dalby was soon canceled and put under Lund.
Sweyn II Estridsson gained a papal letter in which he was obliged to pay peters money to the Vatican church.
Anno Domini became the official time stamping which were used in official documents.
The catholic church gained influence, their influence changed vigilante affirmative action and collective punishment, it became possible to pay a fine if you had done a murder. If a man became judged lawless only the king could lift the ban, this increased the monopoly of violence to the state(King).
In May The Normans under leadership of Robert Guiscard conquered Taranto. A Sicilian Emir of Syracuse, Ibn al-Timnah, arrived at Reggio to secure the help from Normans against his rival emir, Ibn al-Hawas. He promised that, in return al-Timnah would acknowledge their claim over Sicily.
Stenkil Rangvaldson became king of Sweden he ruled until 1066.
Christian rune church inscription at Fyn ├śrsted Church "Samson kills Lion"