1056 Gruffydd attacked again with Viking mercenaries

Normans attacking Castle
King Gruffydd aided by viking mercenaries attacked into Herefordshire  and during a battle on the 16th of june the bishop Leofgar and many Anglo-Saxons was killed by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn at Glasbury-on-Wye. Earl Harold Godwinsson once again responded to the threat, repulsing the vikings, and again the Welsh king Gruffydd swore allegiance to the Anglo-Saxon king.
The first bishopric was established at Sk√°lholt in Southern Iceland. Isleif was a native Icelander, when he died in 1082 he was followed by his son Gislur.
William the Conqueror had a third son, William Rufus who later became king of England

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