813 - Godfred`s 5 sons returned

Sam Tung - Viking inventory
The Danish kings claimed that Vestfold, and the rich trading town Kaupang was part of his kingdom, but the local Norwegian chieftains probably had another opinion.

Kaupang Town life
Reginfred and Harald Klak traveled to the Eider to renew the Danish-Frankish peace treaty, when they returned they had to make a crush a rebellion to reestablish control over Vestfold, Norway. When the 5  Godfredsons came back from Sweden, where they had lived as refugees under the civil war they chased Harald Klak and Reginfred out of the country.
Viking attacked Mayo and the south-west Irish coast. After last years defeat they returned and took revenge killing the local King, Coscrach.

Viking weapons
Most Vikings were armed alike, wearing a conical helmet (without horns or wings and if they were wealthy chain mail. Vikings carried a sword or an ax and a round wooden shield with a central metal boss to protect the hand. The axes could be either single or double bladed and usually bore carved decorations in the metal.
Viking weapons names
Axes were named such as Rimmugýgr (aggressive old hag troll), Skogsgýgr (outlawed old hag troll) and Galdsgýr (lunatic old hag troll), genja (shreak, terrify), skràma (horrify, terrify), SkaðI (injure), Saxa (cut off), Snaga (cut short, stunt, gnaw), Randgríðr (shield-seeker, shield-wrecker), Svartleggja (send into darkness), Himintelgja (chopping sky–high), Stjarna (star), skeggja (bearded) and barða (bearded). We also name for hammers, such as hamartröll (troll hammer), grand hjalms (helmet wrecker), bryðja randa (shield-eater, shield-smasher), randgalkn (the shield’s wild animal) and galli meginhurðar Gauts (shield disfigurer).