1017 - Eadric Streona was killed at Christmas

Eadric Stretona aka the grasper was killed
Cnut married Ethelred the unready`s widow Emma,of Normandy to stop that Richard 2 of Normandy could claim the throne, on behalf of his sons Edward and Alfred. He divided England into the 4 Earldoms of Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria.
Cnut created a royal guard of 3000 men.
Cnut destroyed a fleet of 30 ships of rebel vikings and in December Eadric Streona was killed by Cnut`s men because of his treachery.

In May Melus of Bari began a rebellion, he had hired Rainulf Drengot and a band of Norman exiles to aid in his rebellion. His forces were victorious in 3 pitched battles against the Byzantines.
Kiev burned