795 - Iona,Inisbofin and Inismurray was raided

The first raids on Ireland by vikings (probably of west Norwegian origin),The Annals of Ulster tells us " The burning of Rechru by the heathens, and Scí was overwhelmed and laid waste of viking raids"
The Monasteries on Inisbofin and Inismurray were attacked.
The monastery of Saint Columba on Iona and Lambay, Skye one of the Inner Hebrides and Rathlin Island was raided. scholars believe that Viking incursions into Wales began in this year, suggesting that the Vikings who raided the Church on Recru or Lombay Island had sailed there from a previous attack upon Wales.
Map of Faroe Islands
Faroe islands
Vikings drove Irish monks out of the Faroe islands, the monks probably left to live in Iceland, but no permanent viking settlement was made.